Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is Cloud computing….!!!

Cloud Computing has become a very popular topic these days. Let’s see what it is. Imagine that you are a CEO in a big company. Every time you recruit a new worker you will have to buy a new computer for him and will have to install software for it. Now you will have to bare software license costs and also need technically skilled people to maintain computers. That is lot of trouble.
So Cloud Computing is the solution to overcome all these troubles. Simply imagine there’s a super computer somewhere. It has installed all the software you want. Only thing you have to do is use interface software or a web browser to access the features of your interest.
There are two parts in cloud computing called front end and back end. Front end is a computer user who uses a computer which has installed the application to access cloud computing system. Back end is the cloud section of the system. It includes servers and data storage systems.
Now you must be wondering how a company can trust a computer in another place and runs their programs and store their data on it. Let me give you some fair reasons.

  • Client can access his company data and applications from anywhere in the world.
  • Minimize the cost of hardware. (Need less hardware and do not have to worry about hardware maintenance.) 
  • Do not have to spend time and effort on updating software and hardware.
  • Minimize the IT cost.
  • Easy to work as a team. (More people can work on the same project at the same time because everyone can access the same project
Cloud computing companies always keep backups to reduce the risk of losing data. They guarantee the security of your data. Only authenticated users can access the data and services.

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