Monday, September 24, 2012

BEWARE!!! Anyone can access even your deleted pictures on Face Book…. :o

Are you a heavy FB user..?  Then this will be very useful for you. Be careful when you upload your personal pictures and videos on FB. Because when you upload a picture or a video it will automatically syndicate in more than one server. This is done to make it easier to access. So even if you delete this picture or video anyone, including you can access it again. Now that is something you did not expect. Well we can call it as another drawback in FB on your privacy.

Why the hell our pictures are there even after deleting...??
Face Book works on CDN (Continent Distribution Network) to brows faster and to make it easier to find things. When you upload a picture or a video a copy of it is stored in local servers. If you delete whatever you uploaded it will get erased on the main server but not on local servers. It will take about 30 months for the picture or video to get erased from local servers. That means more than two years... So within this time period any one can access your deleted stuff.
How to access deleted images…
If you know the URL of the deleted image you can access it very easily. Follow the instructions below.

  • First of all open the image which is about to delete in a new tab.
  • Copy its URL on the address bar to a note pad.
  • Now right click on the image and click “copy image URL”. Save this URL also in a note pad. (This URL will be used later to view image)
  • Now delete your image.
  • Now take the first URL, copy/paste it on address bar and access it. Now you will get this message “This Content is Currently Unavailable”

  • Now copy/paste the second URL on address bar and access it.
Now you can see the image you just deleted is still on FB. If someone knows the URL for your image he or she can access it at any time. 
So to inform your friends on FB like and share  =)

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